Autumn leaves

As autumn approaches, it’s important to put gutter cleaning on your to-do list, to prevent the build-
up of leaves and moss. If debris accumulates in your gutters, it can cause a blockage, which in turn
causes roof leaks and exterior/interior water damage.
The weight of wet moss and leaves can also weaken and break your gutters.

Debris accumulation in gutters is a particular problem in autumn. Trees shed their leaves
and even branches which then fall into your gutters. Moss and mould flourish in the damp
conditions, dirtying your fascias. Pests such as rodents start looking for somewhere to
shelter from the bad weather; a gutter full of leaves is an ideal spot!

While cleaning your gutters is important, it’s also a strenuous task. It can even be
dangerous, since it involves climbing a ladder and reaching to clean all the nooks and
crannies. With that in mind, gutter and fascia cleaning is best left to the professionals. If
you’re wondering, who offers gutter cleaning near me… look no further than Clean King!

We offer gutter and fascia cleaning for domestic and commercial properties in and around the
West Midlands. Our innovative and powerful cleaning equipment quickly
removes moss, leaves and other debris using suction, brushing and scraping
techniques. It will effectively clear your gutters, fascias and roof tiles without causing any
damage. We don’t even need to climb onto your roof or set up ladders to work.
At Clean King, we know it’s important to keep gutters clean and clear; maintenance now will
save headaches and expensive repairs later. Why not let us do the hard work for you? Trust
our reliable, efficient gutter cleaning services to prepare your property for autumn and winter.
Get in touch to find out more.

Photo by Peter Crosby from Pexels